Onward, Bellingham!

Dear Bellingham, Whatcom County, and our Friends to the South and North,
When we began planning in late November, we never imagined the magnitude of what the Womxn’s March on Bellingham would become. Creating this event and meeting the incredibly dedicated people in our community who helped us succeed was an honor.

We have expanded our network of friends and made connections with local organizations. As individuals, we are excited about growing relationships with these groups and continuing the very important work that lies ahead. We hope by attending the March you were inspired to do the same!

There is much work yet to do, and many organizations where you can continue to #marchforwardbellingham. (Search for this hashtag on Facebook and the internet to get more ideas!) If you are interested, we are also looking for a committee to carry the torch of the Womxn’s March on Bellingham organization.

If you’re able to help, please contact us and will send you additional information.